Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Clinic Social Media

Social Media

Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Clinic is a skin cancer clinic located in Berwick and Officer VIC. Their team of experts offer skin checks and skin cancer treatments to help ensure their patients have healthy skin and have their skin abnormalities correctly diagnosed.


Redsteps manage Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Clinic’s Facebook page. Sun Patrol’s Facebook page management includes content creation, content curation, content scheduling, monitoring, responding to followers questions and queries, engaging with followers and reporting. The page is posted to six times a month with fresh and engaging content; this content includes:

  • Staff features
  • Facts
  • Helpful and interesting articles
  • Information about their clinics
  • Skin tips
  • Service information


Each month the page grows with new followers, and to encourage more followers engagement monthly advertising is completed on the page. Ads in the form of post boosts, page boosts and local page promotions all help generate additional reach, followers and engagements, along with greater exposure for the business.


At the conclusion of every two months, a social media report is created that outlines how the Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Clinic Facebook page has performed. This report provides insights into the number of followers gained, engagements across the month, what posts performed the best along with demographic information about the page’s followers. This report also ensures Redsteps can see what posts and advertising techniques are performing well to ensure we can gain the best results each month.


To find out more about Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Clinic, head to the links below:

Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Clinic Website

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