Cafe Social Media

Social Media

Redsteps had the opportunity to work on an Elwood cafe social media who offer a fantastic range of food, coffee and beverages for local customers in their casual dining location by the beach.

After completing a Digital Marketing Strategy for the brand, Redsteps moved forward in managing the cafe social media, including their Facebook and Instagram accounts for 2 months. As both accounts were very new, with the Instagram account being created from scratch by Redsteps, this was a fantastic blank canvas for the business to grow with in order to establish their brand personality and social media presence.

In order to get content for the social media pages, Redsteps completed photography sessions taking images of the venue, staff, coffee and delicious food. Once the content was shot, Redsteps generated monthly social media plans showcasing the images being used and the copy to accompany them. In addition, the use of 30 hashtags was implemented on Instagram to help reach audiences interested in food, coffee and cafe culture and attract them to follow the brand. In addition, Facebook advertising was implemented to help further promote the cafe and gain new followers and brand awareness.


In the time Redsteps was managing the accounts, the RESULTS were:

  • Over 100 new Facebook followers
  • Over 100 new Instagram followers
  • Facebook advertising reach of over 6,500 people


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