Why businesses should be using Google Search Ads

Google search ads packages

4 Million +

businesses are advertising with Google Ads

Google search ads packages


increase in online shopping spend in Australia last year

Google search ads packages

1 in 5

online purchases were made on a mobile device in 2017

Google search ads packages

1 in 10

purchases will be made online by 2020

Google search ads packages

63,000 +

Google searches are made every second

Google search ads packages


of B2B buyers conduct some form of online research before making a purchase

The challenges for businesses

Using Google Ads can present several challenges for businesses, including:


  • Finding the right keywords to rank for
  • Ranking against competitors
  • Obtaining ROI
  • Tracking results
  • Minimising cost per click
  • Finding the time to manage their campaigns




Redsteps can help your business overcome these challenges. See our Google Search Ads packages below to find out what we can do to help you!

Redsteps is a qualified Google Search Partner

Our Google Search Ads Services

Google search ads packages


We analyse your competitors to find what they are spending their advertising spend on and which keywords are working for them.

Google search ads packages


We monitor search terms that your ads are showing up for and add any irrelevant keywords as ‘negative keywords’ to minimise wasted spend.

Google search ads packages


We research and find the best keywords and search terms for your business so that your ads show up when customers are searching for your products or services.

Google search ads packages


We create landing pages on your website so that your customers can find the information they’re looking for after they’ve clicked on your search ad.

Google search ads packages


Want to target a specific audience? We can refine your audience targeting so you only spend your advertising budget on people most likely to buy your products or services.

Google search ads packages


Keep track of your return on investment with conversion tracking. We set up tracking codes on your website so you know if your search ads are resulting in sales.

Google search ads packages


We report on your Google Ads results and explain all the fancy figures to you. We analyse the results and use them to improve your cost per click.

Google search ads packages


We monitor your Google Search Ads campaigns and make sure they’re running smoothly and that your ad spend is being spent well.

Google Search Ads Packages

Basic Package

Business Basics

A new business that needs to boost sales.

You need to be found on Google by new customers. You want to compete with competitors who already have a large customer base.

Enhanced Package


A business that wants to continue growing a customer base but does not have time to mange Google Ads. You need to have ads to compete against competitors but you’re not sure what the best way is to go about it.

Prestige Package


A business with a solid customer base that is ready to take their business to the next level by targeting new customers. You need to have an edge over your competitors and keep increasing sales as your business grows. You need to deliver campaigns that stand out from the crowd. You also want to track your conversions and make sure your ads are driving sales.

Premium Package


A business with strong competitors. You need to take action to make sure your competitors don’t take your business. You want to track conversions to make sure your ads are resulting in sales. You also have multiple services and/or products you need to advertise.

Package Inclusions

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