M.J. Reddie Surveys Ads

Digital, Google Ads

M.J. Reddie Surveys is a land surveyor, engineer and town planning business with offices in Beaconsfield and Inverloch.  They were recommended to work with Redsteps by Myomax in Berwick, another Redsteps client.


Reddie Surveys needed assistance and transparency with their Google Ads account and website management.  They were paying too much for ongoing website management and also far too much for domain name hosting. Casey was able to assist and move the website hosting and domain name to the Redsteps servers and save Reddie Surveys hundreds of dollars monthly.


Following this Redsteps set up a new Google Ads account and began advertising on search advertising for the client. The average click through rate has increased 20% from their previous provider and subsequently this has increased their workload dramatically.


“The customer service you are providing is fantastic, we are getting enough customers … we are flat chat!!” Rachel Reddie


Visit the Reddie Surveys website here.