Accountant Google Ads

Google Ads

An accountant based in Perth wanted to create a more successful Google Ads account after initially setting the account up and trying to run it themselves.

The client reached out to Redsteps to help asses his set-up, create new ad groups and campaigns and monitor their Google Ads account for 3 months to ensure they could continue confidently running their Google Ads independently ongoing. They did this to ensure they knew their Google Ads had been created, monitored and tweaked to generate strong ongoing results for their business without requiring external assistance.

This accountant wanted to implement Google Ads to drive more customers to their website to generate greater brand awareness and more clientele.

Overall this Perth Accountant’s Google Ad campaigns performed very well. In order to ensure their ads generated relevant search results and a favourable click-through-rate, Redsteps assessed their Google Ads campaigns by completing activities such as keyword removal and editing, assessing and adjusting the key search terms and amending the ad copy. This was done to ensure their ad content was relevant and appropriate for the local target audience of Perth business owners and what they are searching in Google.


Additionally, to make sure this Accountant could see how their ads were performing, Redsteps created a Google Ads report at the conclusion of each month. This allowed them to assess their results regarding click-through rate, impressions, cost-per-click, top keywords and more with Redsteps commentary.