Car Megamart Google Ads

Digital, Google Ads, Marketing

Car Megamart is a huge second hand car yard located in the South East of Melbourne. The yard is home to a range of car dealers who all contribute to the marketing of the Car Megamart brand.


The marketing manager of Car Megamart requested for Redsteps to conduct the Ads campaign for the complex from March 2017 in which we ran Search, Display and YouTube campaigns.


So far we have seen fantastic results and we have reduced the number of keywords to ensure a more targeted approach and a more focused use of their ad spend.

Some of the excellent results we have seen since taking over their Google Ads include:

  • A 15% increase on Car Megamart’s Google Ads click through rate
  • Doubling their YouTube click through rate
  • Maintaining a ranking position in the top 3 among similar businesses


We regularly go in and tweak our current ad campaigns depending on what the results currently are for our clients or a particular industry. By regularly updating these, we ensure our ads are the most relevant and cost effective that they can be to ensure the best results for our marketing clients.


Redsteps is Google Ads Certified and is seeing great results for clients who have set budget aside to spend on this advertising technique. Google Ads is not an expensive marketing tool if done correctly. Another great thing about Google Ads is that you have the flexibility to increase or decrease your budget month by month. Chat to us today to see if we can help you with your Google Ads or if we would recommend it for your business.