Green In The Lane Event

Branding and Design, Events, Public Relations


Green In The Lane was an event Redsteps ran for Madame Brussels Lane in the CBD. The event included sustainability market stalls, plant giveaways, seminars and workshops. The event was targeted at the CBD workers to encourage visitation to the lane while also positioning the Laneway as environmentally aware.


The campaign was a success and Redsteps were able to run a successful event, gain media exposure and achieve additional credibility for the event and Madame Brussels Lane brand. We not only ran the event, but also created all Public Relations tactics for the event.



  • Media release creation and distribution
  • Photoshoot coordinated prior to event
  • Media invited to attend on the day
  • Stakeholder management
  • Charity partner management
  • Media liaison

The media was placed on platforms such as the Sustainable Living Festival website, The Urban List, On The List, Weekend Notes,, online free event listings and stallholder websites and social media.



Redsteps took control of the Madame Brussels Lane Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Management. In order to promote the event through these online platforms we did the following:

  • Planning and scheduling of posts
  • Sharing laneway offers and deals
  • Promoting the event and stallholders
  • Encourage ticket sign ups for workshops
  • Generic content to engage the audience
  • 24/7 management including responding to customers, monitoring posts


Madame Brussels Lane website page:

  • Creating posts and blogs to share information
  • Ensuring posts were SEO and Google friendly
  • Creating a bold call to action with easy to find information
  • Creating links to even ticketing


  • 3 event days
  • 12 sustainable workshops
  • 18 market stalls
  • 300 plants given away
  • 1000 seeds given away
  • 100% happy customers