Virtual Marketing Assistants

Virtual Marketing Assistants

Virtual Marketing Assistants

Virtual Marketing Assistants

For business owners who do not have time to implement marketing tools themselves, there is a solution: Virtual Marketing Assistants.

Marketing is one of the most important aspect of a business. Strategic in nature, marketing tools are implemented to generate customers and streams of revenue in-order-to compete with other competitors in your industry.

With the introduction of more online social platforms, marketing is no longer just necessary to implement during business hours; customers can be targeted and gained by businesses 24/7! Because of these new platforms and 24/7 access to customers it is important that businesses have a well-rounded marketing strategy to ensure they are attracting their customers attention across multiple platforms using multiple tools and techniques.

What is a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a person or company that is hired to implement marketing strategies and tools on behalf of a business. These assistants can work across multiple marketing platforms and areas to ensure your marketing is consistent, as consistency is highly important for brands to maintain. In addition, Virtual Marketing Assistants work off-site from your business and typically work to a time frame at an hourly fee.

Social Media Packages - Virtual Marketing Assistant
Social Media Packages
Social Media Packages - Virtual Marketing Assistant

Benefits of a Virtual Marketing Assistant.

Money, time, effort, better business efficiencies and less stress knowing your marketing is being looked after are all benefits of VMA’s!

Depending on your arrangement, Virtual Marketing Assistants act like an outsourced marketing department with the same cost saving benefits of outsourcing other areas of business – you don’t need extra space or hardware in your office, no extra software or subscriptions, no hiring and training fees, and no recruiting – as this is all looked after elsewhere!

What can Virtual Marketing Assistants implement?

Virtual Marketing Assistants
Email Marketing (EDMs) Link Building
Blogs Event Management
Website Creation Campaign Implementation
Website Maintenance & Updates Sourcing Products & Promotional Items
SEO Radio & TV Ad Management
Pay-Per-Click Advertising / Google AdWords Public Relations
Social Media Marketing Marketing Strategies
Remarketing Campaigns Digital Marketing Strategies
Graphic Design Management More! Any aspect of your marketing strategy!

Redsteps: Virtual Marketing Assistants!

Here at Redsteps we pride ourselves on being able to offer a Virtual Marketing Assistant service that can look after all your digital marketing needs. From small projects to full scale digital marketing management, we can do it all.

Prompt responses, timely execution, quality results and consistency are all qualities we are proud to possess and ensures our clients can rely on us to take care of their marketing needs. Plus, we understand that the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and we take the time to continually learn and keep up-dated on the latest marketing platforms and techniques to deliver high quality outcomes to our clients.

Looking for a Virtual Marketing Assistant to take care of your digital marketing? Check out our packages page to see what marketing packages we have on offer, or contact us for a free personalised quote.