Small business marketing grants during COVID-19

small business marketing grants during covid-19

Small business marketing grants during COVID-19

Small business marketing grants during COVID-19 are a crucial segment of grants. They help businesses stay connected with their customers during these difficult times and continue to operate. Two big international players in the online advertising industry, Facebook and Google have recently launched small business marketing grants during COVID-19.

Important Small Business Marketing Grants during COVID-19 to look out for



Facebook is looking at committing $100 million USD for small businesses across 30 countries (including Australia!) over the globe. They are aiming to reach 30 000 small businesses through this grant. The $100 million USD will be distributed as both cash or ad credit (to pay for your advertising costs on Facebook).

The main aims Facebook aims to achieve through these grants are to help small business:

  • Connect with their customers

With the grant including ad credits for small businesses, ensuring that businesses stay connected their customers’ minds is a priority for Facebook. Staying connected is important as it helps you stay on top of your customer’s minds

  • Cover operational costs

As well as connecting with your customers, Facebook is providing cash grants so that small businesses can continue operating. This includes helping businesses cover costs such as rent so that you can continue with more important parts of your business.

Facebook are currently working through the eligibility requirements for Australian businesses. You can sign up for updates on their website.



Google is looking at committing $800+ million USD for the COVID-19 epidemic.

Here is how Google is looking at breaking down this contribution:

  • $250 million USD

To help the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government agencies across the world to distribute accurate information to the public in a timely manner.

  • $200 million USD

To support NGOs and financial institutions across the globe provide small businesses in their area local access to capital.

  • $20 million USD

To aid academics and researchers in their study of the virus.

  • $340 million USD

To help small businesses across the world in the form of ad credits. Small businesses are eligible for this credit if they have been actively advertising on Google Ads for at least a year up to January or February of 2020. The credit provided will depend on how much your business spends on Google Ads as well as the country where the Google Ads account is set up.


We hope that this gave you more information about small business marketing grants during COVID-19. Be prepared and take advantage of the opportunities that come during this time so that your business can pick up at a much quicker rate after this pandemic. The Australian Government have also been offering many of these grants as well as the JobKeeper Payment to help businesses continue employing their employees while surviving the economic impacts felt by COVID-19. You can use these grants to help your businesses continue as usual once the crisis is over.

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