How to choose the right font

What types of fonts are there?

As a rule-of-thumb, there are four types of font that you will identify:

  • Serif fonts have little feet or lines attached to the ends of their letters. Generally, they look more serious or traditional.
  • Sans-Serif are fonts that don’t (sans = without) include the feet. They are more modern looking.
  • Script fonts are what you might think of as cursive or handwritten. They will have a flowing, connected effect. They are generally perceived as elegant, fun or casual.
  • Display fonts are the loud and expressive fonts that are often novelty. They are more unusual than practical and should be used in small doses.

Why do font choices matter?


Just like picking the right outfit to wear for an occasion; choosing the right typeface determines its effect on an audience. Some fonts need to be loud and expressive, while others need to blend in to be complimentary.

And the same goes for choosing fonts might be attached to. We might want to wear tracksuit pants to work because we know it’s comfortable, but we know we must dress appropriately to the situation.

Font choice sets the tone for how your audience will perceive your brand. You don’t want to give them an incorrect assumption. So choose wisely before putting on those tracksuit pants.

Consider context and audience.

Where and how your fonts will be viewed is an important step to consider. A business card design will need a font that’s easily readable at a small size. Or social media graphics, which are likely to be viewed on mobile devices, would benefit from fonts that display well on screen.


 So what do we now know about choosing fonts?

There are four main font types and what you choose dictates how your audience will perceive your brand.

Choose your typeface accordingly, don’t wear tracksuit pants to work!

And finally, know your medium.

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