Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Social Media Image Sizes Guide

social media image sizes

Social Media Image Size Guide

Social media image sizes can be confusing at times, with each social media platform having their own ideal image sizes and requirements you need to try and cater for when creating your business’ imagery and graphic design.

When creating artwork for your business’ social media pages it can be difficult to know what sizes you should be using and what sizes work best across social media accounts. Therefore, here is a quick guide to what social media image sizes you can use for the following platforms to ensure you are using the correct dimensions when creating social media tiles and designs:


social media image sizes

Business profile pictures: 180 x 180 pixels 

Images must be at least 180 x 180 pixels, however, will appear smaller on different mediums, such as desktop, mobile phones and tablets.

Cover photos: 820 x 312 pixels 

If your image is smaller it will be stretched, so make sure you have the correct size when creating artwork.

Please note – cover photos will not display on feature phones, so keep that in mind when creating and choosing images for cover photos.

Shared image/Image post:

1200 x 630 pixels

This is a key dimension to remember, as this is the most common form of sharing on Facebook and the will appear in your timeline.

Event image: 1920 x 1080

This is a recommended size, and it will appear smaller on different mediums.


social media image sizes

Profile picture: 110 x 110

This image is very small and needs to be clear and simple.

Photo size: Square dimensions
Instagram has square thumbnails that people can see when viewing your profile. Therefore, when selecting and creating photos you want to ensure they are a square shape so that all elements within the image are seen clearly and within the Instagram thumbnail.

When clicked on images become larger and can be rectangular, however, it is recommended that you use square dimensions when creating Instagram posts. At Redsteps we use 800 x 800 pixels to ensure our images are square and high quality.


social media image sizes

Profile picture: 400 x 400 pixels 

This image is adjusted across Twitter and appears largest on your page, and smaller throughout the rest of Twitter.

Header photo: 1500 x 500  pixels 

This image is much larger than your profile picture, so make sure this image is high quality.

In-Stream Photo: 440 x 220

This is the minimum size that is recommended for in-stream images.


social media image sizes

Profile picture: Any large square dimensions

Pinterest will automatically resize the image to fit, however, the larger and high quality the image the better. The image will be shown at 165 x 165 pixels on your home page.

Pins: 236 pixels in width with the height scaled

Pinterest puts a limit on the width of images, however, not the length. This is why a lot of posts on Pinterest use quite long images.


social media image sizes

Profile picture: 250 x 250

This is this minimum size your profile picture should be, as images can be larger.

Cover image: 1,070 x 608 

This is the recommended size, however, sizes can be larger with 2,120 x 1,192 pixels being the largest dimensions it can be.

Shared image: 497 x 373 

This is recommended, however, the maximum image size that can be uploaded and shared is 2048 x 2048 pixels


social media image sizes

Channel profile picture: 800 x 800 pixels

Please note that although you can pick different profile picture borders on YouTube, your profile picture size still should be 800 x 800 pixels.

Channel cover photo: 2560 x 1440 

This image will be displayed with different dimensions across different mediums, such as tables, smartphones, your desktop and even TVs. Make sure this image is optimised to ensure the image is crisp and clear across each medium.

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Make sure you use this guide on social media image sizes next time you are creating new artwork for your business’ social media accounts.

At Redsteps we love everything creative, and love chatting about your upcoming projects. If you need assistance with your business’ social media accounts or are looking to have some artwork or graphic design feel free to contact us!

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