Skin Cancer Clinic Google Ads

Digital, Google Ads

Redsteps begun working with a reputable skin cancer clinic located in Berwick and Officer VIC. Their team of experts offer skin checks and skin cancer treatments to help ensure their patients have healthy skin and have their skin abnormalities correctly diagnosed.


The marketing manager for this clinic approached Redsteps to help manage their Google Ads campaigns to help drive more customers to their website and encourage more skin check appointments.


Overall the AdWords campaigns performed very well. In order to ensure the ads are generating relevant search results and a favourable click-through-rate, Redsteps assess the Google Ads campaigns by completing activities such as keyword removal and editing, assessing the key search terms and adjusting ad content to ensure the ads are relevant and appropriate for the local target audience and what they are searching.


The client’s account gained excellent results, with a reducing cost per click (CPC) each month and above average click through rates (CTR)


In addition, to ensure the client can see and track their progress, Redsteps create a report at the end of each month for the skin cancer clinic so they could assess their results regarding click-through rate, impressions, cost-per-click, top keywords and more. These results also include Redsteps commentary on what elements are performing well, and the areas that could be improved for continual success.