Peake Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Peake Real Estate are a real estate agency located in Berwick & Officer VIC. Their team are highly knowledgeable in the Casey Cardinia real estate environment making them one of the top real estate agencies in the area. Peake Real Estate reached out to Redsteps to assist in their marketing planning to ensure their marketing objectives and activities were clear and well researched. Additionally, as Redsteps is located in Berwick, this ensured our team were knowledgeable of Peake Real Estate’s target markets and demographics.


To effectively plan out Peake Real Estate’s marketing activities, Redsteps created a marketing strategy.¬†To create this document, Redsteps researched the real estate industry along with local demographics, competitors and Peake’s offerings. This then in turn allowed Redsteps to assess who Peake Real Estate’s marketing activities should be targeting, why they should be targeted and how they should be targeted.

In addition, Redsteps also created a survey to conduct some exploratory research. The aim of the survey was to find out about consumers thoughts on real estate agencies, what agencies were top-of-mind and remembered through aided recall and hear consumers past experience with real estate agents. This information helped Redsteps shape elements of the marketing strategy, especially in terms of brand awareness and brand perception.


To ensure the Peake Real Estate marketing strategy was well-rounded and insightful, their strategy document outlined and included:

  • Internal Peake Real Estate analysis
  • The industry environment analysis
  • Social influences
  • Peake offerings
  • Customer analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT
  • Target audience
  • Positioning
  • Point of difference
  • Objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Implementation
  • Yearly calendar
  • Examples on how to implement


Once Redsteps completed their research and planning, the team went and presented the marketing strategy to the Peake’s marketing manager and directors. In the presentation we outlined important information we found through our research and discussed key objectives, strategies and tactics that were included in the Peake Real Estate marketing strategy document.

Overall the Peake Real Estate team were pleased with the marketing strategy created and presented.


Find out more about Peake Real Estate by heading to the Peake Real Estate website.