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Lynbrook Village is a shopping centre located in the South East of Melbourne and is the home to many fantastic retailers. With over 30 retailers, ample parking and an open air ‘main street’ design, Lynbrook Village is a great destination for locals.


The marketing manager at the centre sought out a marketing agency that was local that could assist them in managing their social media presence. Redsteps set up Lynbrook Village’s social media accounts and creates monthly social media content plans for the centre to ensure posts are relevant and engaging. This content includes retailer posts with products, services and deals they have on offer, in-centre activations and event promotions.


The Lynbrook Village social media presence has been growing rapidly since Redsteps created their accounts:


  • Over 1000 new Facebook followers from November 2016 – January 2018
  • Over 2,900 Facebook engagements from November 2016 – January 2018
  • Over 350,000 Facebook impressions from November 2016 – January 2018
  • 100% increase in Instagram followers from November 2016 – January 2018


To ensure these results continue to increase, content is kept current and up-to-date with imagery of retailers and their products. Redsteps visits the centre every two months to take photos and get retailer updates, ensuring the content is real and relevant to each retailer and the local customers.


In addition,¬†Lynbrook Village run many in-centre activations throughout the year, making them a community focused and engaging shopping centre for locals to visit. As these activations are an excellent feature of the shopping centre, Redsteps make sure these activations are covered excellently across Lynbrook Village’s social media pages. This social media coverage ensures the wider community are aware of what’s happening in-centre, and can learn about how they can get involved.


At the conclusion of each month Redsteps creates a social media report. This report looks at the Lynbrook Village social media pages and assesses what posts are performing well, page growth and overall follower engagement. This report is highly valuable as it can guide future social media content creation and provide insights into areas that could be improved.


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