Liberty Equipment Hire Ads

Digital, Google Ads

Liberty Equipment Hire offers quality, safe and reliable equipment at competitive prices. They supply equipment to an array of clients from traffic control companies for road and rail works, to local businesses for advertising purposes. They also support local councils in crowd control and event management, for festivals and events.


Liberty Equipment Hire approached Redsteps to create and manage Google Ads campaigns to help increase their website quote inquiries and drive more customers to their website.


The Liberty Equipment Hire Ads campaigns have been performing very well, with clicks and impressions increasing each month. In order to ensure the client is seeing results, Redsteps assess the Liberty Equipment Hire Ads campaigns by completing activities such as keyword editing, keyword removal, key search terms assessment and and adjusting ad content to ensure the ads are being shown to people making relevant searches relating to Liberty Equipment Hire’s work and services.


Liberty Equipment Hire has been seeing great results, and is very happy with the work Redsteps is completing for their Google Ads.

Additionally, Redsteps create a report at the end of each month to update the Liberty Equipment Hire team on how the ads and keywords are tracking to ensure they are aware of the results being attained. These results also include Redsteps commentary on what elements are performing well, and the areas that could be improved for continual success.


Learn more about Liberty Equipment Hire by heading to their website.