Engagement Australia Digital Media

Digital, EDM, Marketing, Social Media

Engagement Australia is a not for profit organisation dedicated to assisting universities across Australia connect with communities, businesses and students.  Redsteps has been employed by Engagement Australia to manage their digital media platforms including all aspects of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-newsletter campaigns, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising as well as website content management.


Monthly digital content plans are submitted to the client as well as follow up monthly reports which outline the results of the platforms.  The content generated needs to ensure Engagement Australia is portrayed as an expert in their field with a professional tone. Sharing their member’s content is also key to giving member value to those who are a part of this organisation.


The Twitter account is used to share member stories and news and help to support their projects and initiatives and is also used to share important news of Engagement Australia’s such as conference information, new journal releases and important dates. The LinkedIn Group is being leveraged to facilitate member discussion and provide a space where questions and queries can be answered by other members of Engagement Australia.


Redsteps likes to ensure that there is a consistent and integrated message being sent across the month which is portrayed by using a monthly theme where possible. Content that is featured in the e-newsletter is shared through the social media channels too to ensure that the message can reach all of our audience, depending on where they interact with the group.


Engagement Australia has lots of information and value to share with their members and Redsteps are working closely with the team to disseminate and distribute this information to the members.


Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new Engagement Australia projects coming up!