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Deep Breath Yoga Community Deep Breath Yoga Community
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Deep Breath Yoga Community was founded by Holly Shepherd in 2017. Deep Breath Yoga Community is a business that comes to you, focusing on meditation, Hatha yoga, pregnancy and business/corporate yoga and meditation classes.

Because Deep Breath Yoga Community is establishing itself as a new business, Holly wanted a website, business card and brochure to help build the presence of her business and give her marketing materials she could use to showcase her offering to businesses and potential customers.


Holly wanted a website that would allow for flexibility to change with her business as it grows, as well as an organic feeling to suit her brand personality and offerings. The outcome was a simple, clean, crisp, and organic website that Holly has been taught how to update herself. By creating a simple and easy to use website, Holly can now add blog articles, new classes and product offerings as her business grows.


In addition, Redsteps also created Deep Breath Yoga Community business cards and brochures. This creation processes involved brainstorming and consulting with Holly on the look and feel of her branding right through to delivery as well as quality control to ensure high quality print results.

Overall Holly was very happy with the final products and now uses all her new branding materials when networking and meeting new clients.


Visit the Deep Breath Yoga Community website here.