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Casey Garden Services is a local garden and lawn maintenance service provider who services residents and businesses in the Casey Cardinia region. They offer a range of services to suit residential or commercial customers, and specialise in – Landscaping, mowing and edging, pruning and hedging, complete garden improvement, regular maintenance.


Casey Garden Services came to Redsteps looking to expand their client base within the Casey Cardinia region and gain more franchisees to join the Casey Garden Services team. Along with Redsteps providing the team SEO services, Redsteps also implemented Casey Garden Services Ads advertising to encourage traffic to their website, increase phone calls from customers wanting quotes, and gain an increase in website quote inquiries.


The Casey Garden Services ads created and managed by Redsteps have been gaining excellent results for the client in the form of website traffic and a great increase in quote inquiries via phone calls and the website. Find out more about Ads here!


Additionally, Redsteps create a report at the end of each month to update the Casey Garden Services team on how the ads and keywords are tracking to ensure they are aware of the results being attained. These results also include Redsteps commentary on what elements are performing well, and the areas that could be improved for continual success.


Check out the Casey Garden Services website to see what services they offer.