Berwick Business Group Website Redesign


The Berwick Business Group are a business group who support local businesses in the Berwick area. They provide their members value through hosting local community events, business networking events, social media promotions and promotion via their website. Their goal is to increase local business’ brand awareness to entice local community members to #shoplocal. To promote their business group and members, the Berwick Business Group wanted to complete a website redesign.


Having worked with the business group previously, the Berwick Business Group approached Redsteps to do the website redesign. The business group leadership team expressed that they wanted the outcome of the website redesign was for the page to be easy to use, have the ability for individual business members to edit their profiles and upload promotions, and showcase the business group and it’s members effectively.


To do this, Redsteps created a website that was visually appealing, featured images of Berwick, was easy to use and navigate and allowed each Berwick Business Group member to have their own unique logins and editor abilities while also ensuring page managers can accept and proof changes before they are published. This ensures that businesses can control their business listing, description, images and offers while also ensuring that the Berwick Business Group leadership team can monitor and assess that all information is relevant and of a good quality before being published to the page. This ability was key for the business group leadership team, as their previous website did not have these capabilities and therefore, was not updated regularly. Additionally, allowing the Berwick Business Group members to have access to their own listings adds additional value to the business group members, as they are in control of how their business is represented and promoted on the website.

Along with these features, this website redesign was made to be SEO friendly to help enhance the website’s Google search ranking.


The results after the page was published were fantastic! The new redesigned website was published in July 2018, and compared to June 2018 the page saw a 17,809% increase in page views!


Check out the new Berwick Business Group website here.


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