Automotive Group Email Newsletter

Digital, EDM

In the middle of 2017, a group of automotive businesses approached Redsteps to create a seasonal email newsletter to be sent to their clients to update them on ‘what’s happening’ at their workshops and to keep their business top-of-mind for their customers. These automotive business include:


As each of these businesses are RACV accredited centres as well as being in the same industry, Redsteps developed a ‘group buy’ for the businesses. This allows for the businesses to get email content that is the same for all the businessesto work within their budget. Additionally, to ensure each business can be differentiated and highlight ‘what’s on’ at their workshop, they also have customised elements to their email newsletter such as a custom template and a personalised article.


Each season, the business’ email newsletter includes:

  • x1 customised article for their business on a topic of their choice
  • x2 Redsteps generated articles on automotive topics customers would be interested in
  • Image sourcing and editing
  • Email database management
  • Email scheduling


Each business’ email newsletter has been highly successful, with each business getting email open rates above the industry average and link clicks across all of their emails. These results are also sent across to the businesses once the email has been sent so they can see the results each seasonal email attains each quarter.


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