New Year – New Social Marketing Strategy!

New Year – New Social Marketing Strategy!

Which platforms should you use when creating a social media marketing strategy?

Thinking about creating a social media strategy to increase your business’ online presence this year? Social media is a great way to gain exposure and showcase elements of your business to potential customers. Creating a social media page for your business is also an effective way of making your business more accessible by including information such as your phone number, location and website!


How do you know which social media platforms are right for your business? Every business is different – so it’s important to consider which social media sites are best suited to your business design. We’ve put together some insights into what each of the most popular social media sites can be used for when promoting your business online!


Facebook is great to link your contact details, website, and business location!

It’s also a great platform to include paid advertising and get customers interacting with your business’ page. Facebook can also be used to create and run competitions, update your followers on new products and services, communicate directly with customers via comments and messenger, and offer customer support.


Does your business sell products? Instagram is an excellent platform to showcase your latest products. Because Instagram consists of mostly visuals, when setting up a business Instagram, it’s important to consider whether you will have enough visual content to upload that not only promotes your products or services, but is also aesthetically pleasing. You can also link your business’ location, phone number and website on your Instagram page.


LinkedIn can be used to establish your business as one that is credible, professional and specialised in your field. LinkedIn is particularly useful in business-to-business marketing campaigns. A company profile allows you to post regular updates and promotions, share relevant industry articles, along with the option to pay for further advertising to reach a broader audience and get your brand noticed!


Twitter is useful to keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry. Not very prominent in Australia, however a business account on Twitter can help to grow brand awareness and allow for quick responses to customer enquiries. If you are selling products or services internationally, this is definitely a platform to consider. On Twitter, you can post about promotions, your thoughts and opinions on world and industry news, direct followers to your website, pay for advertising to reach larger audiences, and engage with customers directly.


Can you post videos about your business? Videos are becoming the number 1 shared medium in the world and are capturing attention longer than text and static image posts. Videos can be created professionally or through an easy video editing software such as iMovie. You can also place ads into YouTube to capture your audience’s attention.

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