Do you need Experiential Marketing?

Do you need Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing can be at times forgotten, but the benefits for both the business and the customer can be extremely worthwhile. If you are looking to further engage your customers, entice more people to come in-store, builder stronger relationships with existing customers or generate new customers, then you should definitely implement experiential marketing.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing, also known as Event Marketing, On-The-Ground Marketing, Engagement Marketing and Participation Marketing, revolves around creating a strategy that encourages consumers to engage with your business and/or brand. Rather than just viewing customers as a means-to-an-end or people who only receive messages, Experiential Marketing allows for consumers to become actively involved with your brand, in turn, fostering a strong relationship between consumers and businesses.

There are plenty of different ways you can implement Experiential Marketing into your business’ marketing calendar, and one key way this is done is through activations.

Depending on what you offer and where you’re based, your business too can create activations for your customers to engage with.

For example, if you’re a fashion brand with your own store who targets women between 15 – 25 years old, one way you could engage customers is by creating an in-store activation and experience for them. If you want your target customers to view you as a trendy and fashion forward brand you could create:

  • A hair braiding station
  • Styling lessons by a well-known stylist
  • Create your own jewellery bar
  • Design your own T-Shirt station
  • Showbags, drinks and nibbles
  • Exclusive VIP party for new product/range launches

Your customers would not only leave with a take away or new experience, but with a positive association with your store and brand.

Experiential Marketing
Experiential Marketing
Experiential Marketing

Client Case Study

Experiential Marketing - Redsteps at BEA Expo
Bridal Expos Experiential Marketing

Bridal Expos Australia host Melbourne’s leading Bridal Expos that leave people inspired, informed and excited about planning their special wedding day.

For their July 2017 Melbourne Bridal & Honeymoon Expo, the Bridal Expos Australia team asked Redsteps to create an Experience Lounge to provide their brides with pampering, relaxation and inspiration.

The result was fantastic! Massages, hair styling station, make-up trials, cake testers, live music, drinks and décor inspiration all in one gorgeous lounge. This Experience Lounge was created to become a point of difference between Bridal Expos Australia and their competitors, and the feedback we received from brides was amazing.

This Lounge not only complemented the Bridal Expos Australia brand, but also ensured they offered brides and their friends and family a positive experience they could take away from the expo, ultimately, strengthening the relationship between their customers and their brand.

In order to ensure customers knew about this new experiential element of the Expo, the lounge was promoted across the following channels:

  • Radio
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Bridal Expos Australia’s Website
  • Bridal Expos Australia’s Facebook Page
  • Event Customer Service Staff

The overall results?

  • 500 brides coming through the Experience Lounge
  • A Facebook Advertising reach of over 80,000
  • An overall Facebook Post reach of over 115,000 on posts promoting the event pre-event and on the event day
  • 10 fabulous hand-picked exhibitors showcasing their products and services
  • 100% satisfied customers

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