Is Advertising on Facebook Worthwhile?

Is Advertising on Facebook Worthwhile?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by clients is “Are Facebook ads worthwhile?” Today we are answering this question.

Redsteps take you through the benefits of Facebook Advertising to increase your social media engagement and reach! Read about how to make the most out of your Advertising spend on Facebook!

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Facebook Ads – are they worthwhile?

There are several different ways to utilise Facebook advertising for your brand and can be set up with different objectives to help reach a specific goal you are trying to achieve.

Eventually, all brands will be needing to use Facebook paid advertising to ensure they are visible to their clients on social platforms – 3 years ago, organic reach was at 26% and now it’s sitting at a low at 2-4% and is quickly racing towards zero. Cost per impression has gone up 50% in the last 12 months and will continue to grow as Facebook advertising is utilised by more brands.

Are Facebook ads worthwhile?

Redsteps believe that Facebook advertising is definitely worthwhile. We’ve had some fantastic results for our clients and would recommend social media advertising over most traditional media advertising methods for a majority of our clients who manage their own small businesses.

If you think about the other advertising mediums, which of these do you consume?  TV Advertising is much less effective now as people have hard drives, record their favourite shows and fast forward through the ads to save time (we’re all time sensitve!).  With the introduction of Netflix, Stan, and TV on Demand, the traditional advertising on television is diminishing in its relevance.

We have all seen the reduction in newspaper content and circulation.  Direct mail content can be useful but we definitely don’t recommend this in winter as if your letter box drop gets wet then it is useless and thrown away!

Radio advertising can be useful however specific targeting is difficult with this medium and we feel this is on the decline with the introduction and uptake of Spotify with customers paying for their music without advertising.

It’s important to keep in mind that as Facebook advertising gains increasing popularity that the costs to advertise through Facebook will also increase. At the moment, we find it to be a very cost effective method of reaching our specific audiences and enjoy the measurability that Facebook provides.


When you create an ad – check your relevance score. This is how relevant the content is to your audience and how well received it is likely to be – aim for a high 8,9 or 10 for relevance score.

Client Case Study

Redsteps has taken over the social media management of many clients for small, medium and large businesses.  One of the clients we now manage social media for is Bridal Expos Australia, which Redsteps took over from 2016.  Bridal Expos Australia manage monthly bridal expos including 10 minor expos and two major expos annually.  Prior to Redsteps improvements made to the social media management and advertising strategy, 30% to 50% of attendance at events was from Facebook advertising and the number of attendees at smaller regional events was not as they hoped the numbers would be.  Since Redsteps have come on board, the attendance has increased 400% and the attendees are telling Bridal Expos that they have heard about the events from seeing it on Facebook.

Redsteps made the following changes to the social media management of Bridal Expos Australia:

  1. We increased the frequency of posts on social media
  2. We improved the quality of the photos and images used on the posts
  3. We utilise content from other leading bloggers and sources
  4. We create regular blog posts on the website and link to this content as well
  5. We create Facebook events to showcase the live events
  6. We advertise the events by boosting Facebook posts
  7. We advertise the events by creating targeted Facebook Ads
  8. We have increased the Facebook advertising budget incrementally which has seen exponential results for the client
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Know when to call the experts

Like we have said in previous blogs, there is only so much we can tell you to do – and the rest is up to you. If this is something that daunts you a little too much, don’t hesitate in asking us more. We have social media packages that allow you to sit back and let us take over to get your brand known.

When in doubt, call the team at Redsteps to cover all social media aspects and leave the responsibility to us!

Good luck!

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If you need any help with social media, give Redsteps a call or send us an email today.