5 Tips To Create A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

5 Tips To Create A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Using email communication as a marketing tool can be a great way to reach your customers while they are on the go. But how do you stand out in a saturated market where potential customers get bombarded with emails every day?


Incorporating recent marketing trends, knowing your audience and implementing engaging content are a few ways to achieve results from your email marketing campaign and increase your open and click through rates.


Follow our five easy tips to create a successful email marketing campaign for your business.

5 tips to create a successful email marketing campaign

5 Tips To Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

  1. Know your target audience

From the beginning, it’s helpful to know who your target audience is so you can craft content that is both interesting and relevant to your subscribers. The better you know your audience, the easier it becomes to send tailored and highly targeted content to them that they are more likely to engage with. You can do this by segmenting your email list according to their demographics, location and interests. This information helps you group them into relevant segment lists and target your content accordingly.

  1. Create personalised content

Email recipients are more likely to respond to emails that have a more personal touch. There are programs available that allow you to address each email with the recipient’s name. Sending your emails from a real name such as a CEO or manager can also resonate better with contacts who may be put off by an anonymous account and can therefore increase your open and click through rates. Personalised content can also be created by using the segmented list to tailor emails according to recipients interests and demographics. This can build trust and increase the likelihood of sales conversions.

  1. Include an intriguing subject line

A successful email marketing campaign can be driven by a simple, yet intriguing email subject line that catches attention. The subject line should be short to avoid the spam trap and should use catchy phrases and emojis to leave the recipients wanting to find out more. 33% of email users open an email solely based on the subject line, so it is an important factor to consider when constructing the email content.

  1. Well-built landing pages

Well designed landing pages are an effective part of a successful email marketing campaign and are the gateway for conversions. A landing page is the destination the client ends up from clinking a link in your email. This is the place you are directing your potential customers, so ensure these pages are easy to navigate and include a call to action whether that be to sign up for a service, buy a product or register for an event.

  1. Email tracking

To run a successful email marketing campaign, consider tracking and measuring the performance of your emails to see what is and isn’t resulting in sale conversions. There are numerous programs available that can track and monitor everything from open rates, click to open rates, spam complaints, past purchase data and more. Keeping track of your email performances can allow you to make necessary changes to improve your campaigns.

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