2021 Content Marketing Trends

2021 Content Marketing Trends

2021 Content Marketing Trends

A lot is changing in the world of content marketing. 2021 content marketing trends have come about in direct response to changed audience attitudes due to the global pandemic. With many managing long distance relationships that relied on digital communication and most of the world adjusting to working from home, content marketing in 2020 focused on bringing people together and providing entertainment as an escape from reality. This year, as uncertainty in the world remains, we can expect to see 2020’s popular content trends continue.

Content marketing is becoming more important than ever. With over 1 billion new users joining social media within the past 3 years, brands need to step up their content strategies to keep engaging customers online. There was a 13.2% increase in global social media users last year alone, so it’s no question that the best way to engage with customers is with social media content.

As the world slowly returns to ‘normal’, it is so important for brands to build relationships and stay connected with audiences through content marketing. As individuals reconnect with loved ones, return to work and get back to their old lifestyles, the challenge brands are faced with is keeping audiences engaged. This year, we can expect a further shift towards creating personal connections, a focus on local business and content that is more inclusive. 


2021 Content Marketing Trends


It’s all about community

With all the uncertainty in 2020, there was a shift away from ‘salesy’ content to community-focused content. Brands created and embraced social media trends which included audiences in conversations. Community-centred content is incredibly valuable as it breaks down the business-customer wall, building trusting relationships with audiences. People are more likely to engage with a brand online when they feel heard as individuals.

This year, we are already starting to see content that promotes in-person connections. In Australia, lockdown restrictions are being eased and people can begin to get back to spending time with loved ones. Brands are being careful to not disrupt these long-awaited moments, but instead encourage and assist the (safe) return to normal life. We can see content that promotes people reconnecting and rediscovering, which brands are using as an opportunity to showcase their involvement in the community.


The rise of video

Speaking of community focused content, we saw a huge rise in video last year. TikTok and Instagram Reels were all the rage in 2020, and 2021 will be no exception.

Brands are continuing to get involved with video content, jumping on emerging trends, sponsoring TikTok stars and starting their own ‘challenge’ videos that prompt users to get involved.

User-generated video content is powerful; it’s relatable and has the ability to gain reach huge audiences. Because of this, video will be a key focus of content marketing strategies in 2021.


Inclusivity is key

Following many social movements in 2020, brands and audiences are now hyperaware of discrimination and political issues. Inclusive content isn’t another ‘trend’, but something all marketers need to keep at the centre of everything they do. We’ll be seeing a lot of changes for the better from brands this year!

Content marketers also need to reconsider who will be seeing their content online. Perhaps unexpectedly, people over the age of 65 are the fastest growing audience on Facebook. 2020 was a tipping point for the older generation, as many relied on social media to keep in contact with loved ones. With this audience growing on social media, marketers will be shifting their content strategies to engage retirees.


Think local

2020 was tough on local business. Consumers are now making more of an effort to shop local. Google reported last year that 61% of Aussie shoppers claim that shopping local is important for the community. With more people searching online for “Australian Made”, content creators need to focus on locally sourced products.

Additionally, content focused around local tourism will be huge this year. We might not be able to get back overseas for a while yet, so organisations will be doing all they can to boost local tourism and get the economy moving again.


A lot is changing in the world, so we expect to see a lot of new trends arising this year! If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that life can be unexpected, and content marketing trends can be just as unprecedented! Keep up with the latest trends by following us on Instagram.


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